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In the late 1970s, I created the original performance enhancement name and mind-body concepts specifically for working with West Point personnel. Throughout the 1980s, the successes of this program were becoming more evident. School records were being broken and many influential voices were calling for the creation of a performance enhancement center at West Point. I considered it an honor when the fully funded West Point Performance Enhancement Center was opened in 1989. In 1994, the name was changed to the Enhanced Performance Center, because its mission was expanded to include not only sports but also academic and personal achievement as well.
In 1997, I was given the opportunity to co-present with the director of the Enhancement Performance Center, a presentation to the West Point Parents Club. I was to introduce the center’s concepts, methodologies and philosophies from a civilian point of view, to be delivered in a style and manner which could be easily understood by the parents. I would also relate my experience working with cadets to show the vast potential and versatility of performance enhancing education. My colleague would then introduce the formal curriculum of the center, and we would end the program with a question and answer period.
The main thrust of this presentation was to help parents understand the value of what was available at the center. It was hoped that parents would encourage their cadets to take full advantage of this opportunity to enhance all facets of their lives. The presentation was to be professionally videotaped and copies to be distributed to all club chapters throughout the nation.
Please consider that my program has been used throughout the years by children, adults, Olympians, Academy Award winners and at the highest levels of Wall Street.
All Change Begins In The Mind
All changes do begin in the mind, but sometimes we can also experience a “change of heart” as well. The only thing certain in this world is change, and either we change for the better or we keep on making the same mistakes! We are only as strong as the weakest link in our composition. Thus, identifying, strengthening and balancing both the strong and weak characteristics of a personality is an art as well as a science. The accomplishments of such an endeavor should be taken on as a “labor of love” if we are to evolve to our greatest potential.
Dr. John Trisuzzi started his career as a teacher of emotionally disturbed children and the deaf children as well. This led to a counseling style that is simple, clear and easily understood. The excellence in his ability to help others has been proven through his work at West Point Military Academy, the United States Olympics, the Academy Awards and beyond! For four decades, his love for his work has been a testimony to his great success.
“Show me a champion and I’ll show you a champion coach in their corner.” This can be achieved through world-class facilities, experience and credentials.